Scott is involved with a number of bands and treasures the gigs where his group can explore any number of the genres you'll hear below

Current Projects

The Cy-Defects

Jazz, groove, funk and fusion inspire this quartet of guitar, bass, organ/keys, and drums, Playing songs of Miles Davis, The Meters, standards and originals


An acoustic ensemble playing a repertoire of Django Reinhardt, Gypsy Jazz, and American bebop in the French jazz manouche style

The Tommy Lerory Group

Playing standards from 1950 to Today 

Previous Projects and Playing Examples

Western Swing & Rockabilly - Inspired by country favorites, rockabilly rhythms, and the playing of Les Paul, Chet Atkins, and Hank Garland

Gypsy/Acoustic Jazz - Inspired by Django Reinhardt, trad jazz, bepop, & world rhythms, this music is presented with an appreciation for acoustic instrumentation 

Bebop/Jazz - In a quintet, trio, duo, or solo setting, simply exploring this great American art form is a true passion

Rock/Pop - Continuing the legacy of innovators before him, Scott enjoys pushing the envelope of what he can do with his guitar. And simply playing Rock n' Roll

Below are examples of Scott performing with various other projects

Scott has had the honor and pleasure of performing in many of Mark Nadler's hit shows, including these excepts from Crazy: 1961

Quotes & Reviews

THANK YOU SO MUCH Scott, Ricky, and Jonti for the INCREDIBLE jazz music that you played at our wedding!!! It was THE BEST THING in the WORLD! I feel so lucky to have had such talented people. And P.S. Thank you so much for playing “Nice Dream” by Radiohead for me in the midst of the jazz! IT WAS AMAZING!! SO BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT! We loved it!
— Karen Steele (Bride)
Scott and his band played for my going away party last year! Their live tunes filled my home in the most delightful way imaginable. Everyone was dancing! Their music cultivates unadulterated joy and laughter. Shoulders bouncing, people conversing, bodies twirling. Magic was made in my living room that night. A year later and my heart still swells thinking about that night!
— Ayla Groom
We first heard Scott and Lisa play at Rosamunde’s in Williamsburg and we immediately thought they would be perfect for the cocktail hour at our wedding (Nomad Hotel) They were extremely professional and very easy to work with. Their music really added something special to our cocktail hour. We would highly recommend them if you’re after something unique for your event.
— Emma (Bride)
Scott and his band were the perfect choice to play at my party. Their sense of propriety was stellar. At times, when our conversations were in full swing, they toned it down, content to provide top-notch background music. Then, when the mood was right, they would grab the spotlight and stir up the pot, pleasing the crowd with a phenomenal and eclectic mix of jazz that everyone at the party could get into. I think their great music made me a more popular guy. Thanks Scott!
— Ray McGaughey
We met Scott and Lisa at Rosamundes and knew right away they were the right musicians for our wedding. I feel like I’m in Paris whenever I hear them play. They were so easy to work with and tailored everything to us. They were probably our most responsive and reliable vendor. On the big day, when everything is a whirlwind, it was so nice to be able to rely on them and impress all our guests with their fantastic music. We were so lucky to have found them.
— Sarah (Bride)

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