Step One: Learn To Play Melodies Right Away

Solfege….we’ve all heard it, and most likely already know it! “Do, a dear, a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun.” Do - Re - Mi - Fa - Sol - La - Ti - Do. That’s it. Music in one of it’s simplest forms. And quite simply, one of the easiest and best ways to get started on any instrument, is to learn Solfege. If you think this is for kids, while earning my degree in Jazz Studies we spent at least one semester studying this concept alone. Even if you’re not new to your instrument, knowing Solfege will develop your understanding of music, and most importantly, will help develop your ear.

Lets learn to pronounce it:

Do (doh) Re (ray) Mi (me) Fa (fah) Sol (soul) La (lah) Ti (tee) Do (doh)

Go ahead, sing it. Just try. Most everyone can do it!

Instead of the abstract letter system, C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C, It’s a whole lot easier to just singDo - Re - Mi - Fa - Sol - La - Ti - Do. So let’s learn it.

Simple as this, using the pictures below for either guitar, piano, or ukulele, put your finger where the pitch is, and follow along with the melody of your choice. This is paint by numbers with music. All these tunes you already know, now you’re just learning to play them. In the beginning why trouble yourself to learn an instrument and learn new songs? You should first learn to play what you know. This is a common missed step in the foundation of learning an instrument. This is bedrock. Huge. Super important. Learn to play what you know first. 

That’s it. Have fun!

Guitar Neck Solfege
Piano Solfege
Ukulele Neck Solfege.jpg